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Washington State is home to a wide variety of pests, but none can compare to the nuisances that are rats, mice, and similar rodents. These pesky creatures seem to find their way into homes and businesses all over the Evergreen State, with a particular interest in undefended properties around Spokane and surrounding cities. Leaving your home open to a rodent infestation could be a dangerous proposition and result in a significant infestation that can take weeks, if not months, to remove.

If you're tired of dealing with rodents scrounging around your home or business, the team at Backwoods Pest Control will be available to help. We offer highly effective home pest control for rodents focused on removing the threat of pests completely, with a special emphasis on Integrated Pest Management methods and years of hands-on experience. Locally owned and family operated, our high-touch and high-performance rodent control service is just what you need to get a job done well.

Curious to learn how our rodent control services could provide you with lasting peace of mind? Just get in touch with us today to book a free in-person inspection.

Our Rodent Control Process For Spokane

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Backwoods Pest Control can assist home and business owners in Spokane with highly effective rodent control services customized to your specific environment. Apart from basic exclusion performed around your property, we can use a combination of trapping and bait stations to remove their activities effectively.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Our team will perform a free in-person inspection of your property. We will let you know what we find and provide detailed information about what you can expect.
  • Next, we apply snap traps (or other traps) as needed to control rats and mice around your property. Please note that we do not provide trapping for raccoons or squirrels.
  • We install bait stations around the inside and outside of your property. These will reduce larger populations and whittle away their numbers over time.

The treatment schedule for our rodent control service is on a case-by-case basis. However, the typical process for an active infestation includes a follow-up two to three weeks after the initial treatment. During our follow-up, we will evaluate your property based on its level of activity and formulate an ongoing maintenance plan. We will ideally place you on a 90-day maintenance cycle and ensure pesky rodents never return to your home.

Have some questions about our rodent control program in Spokane? We can help. Call us today to speak with a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Backwoods Pest Control provides safe and effective treatments for your home or business. We use an Integrated Pest Management approach that keeps safety at the top while ensuring maximum effectiveness. Our team has years of experience dealing with rodent infestations, so you can be sure we understand the specific methods required to keep them away from your property. With hundreds of happy customers and years of hands-on experience, you can trust Backwoods Pest Control to get rid of rodents quickly, safely, and effectively.

Get The Jump On Rodent Infestations With Help From Backwoods Pest Control

Don't wait until your home or business has a rodent infestation. Instead, you can take action now and protect your property with help from the experts at Backwoods Pest Control. We have years of experience dealing with rodent infestations in Spokane and a commitment to giving 110% to our customers in our service areas.

All you need to do is call today and schedule a free in-person inspection. We'll schedule a good time to drop by your property and provide you with details about our commercial pest control services for rodents in Spokane.

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