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Home Services To Keep Your Spokane Home Free Of Harmful Pests

Everyone would agree that pests are a nuisance. If you've ever had a mosquito get into your house, you know how difficult it can be to concentrate on anything else until that mosquito is taken care of. However, when it comes to pests getting inside your house, there is a lot more to be concerned about than that they're a nuisance. Many pests that invade Spokane-area homes can spread diseases or damage your property, putting your home and your family in a potentially unsafe environment.

In order to protect your family, it's smart to be proactive when it comes to pests. Avoiding a pest infestation is far better than having to deal with one after pests have already established themselves in your home. At Backwoods Pest Control, we believe that pest maintenance and protection is the best way to keep your Spokane home and family safe from pests. We perform safe and effective pest control services customized to your home's needs, whether you have active pests in your house or not. Using the safest and most effective methods available, we will protect your property from pests for years to come.

Our Home Pest Control

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Because pest issues are as unique as you are, Backwoods Pest Control treats every home we service with a customized pest control plan designed around your needs. To do this, we begin by offering you a free, in-person inspection. We'll look around your property to identify pest activity, entry points, conducive conditions, and other factors that might contribute to a pest problem. We tailor our inspections to your specific needs and will make recommendations based on our findings to help you reduce the likelihood of pests getting into your house.

After our inspection, we'll create a customized treatment plan for your home. Because our goal is to treat your house so well around the exterior that pests don't get inside, we treat the interior of your house on an as-needed basis by request only. The exterior treatment may vary based on your home's specific pest control needs but will usually include a treatment of the eaves, perimeter, and entryways. We make sure to do this service only if it's not supposed to rain within the next 48 hours to ensure the best results.

We offer service packages that include single, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or seasonal treatments so that you get the care you need to protect your home. We also offer eco-friendly treatment options and always go over the treatments we will perform and what, if any, chemicals are involved. The safety and health of your family are our top concerns.

All our ongoing service plans include a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all non-flying pests. If you have a single service performed, we offer re-treatments within the first 21 days if needed.

Our Additional Home Pest Control Services

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Some pests do not respond to conventional treatment methods or products and require treatments specifically designed for them. We offer a variety of pest-specific services that include cockroach control, mosquito control, termite control, and stinging insect control. We also offer all of the services below. Visit the service pages section of our website to learn more about each.

Please note: If you have honey bees on your property that require removal, we can recommend a local beekeeper to take care of the issue in a way that relocates the bees and doesn't harm them.

Bed Bug Control

No one wants bed bugs to get into their house, but it happens more often than you might realize. Bed bug infestations across the United States have risen over the past few decades. With the amount of travel that people do, it's easy for bed bugs to start in one place and end up in another.

If you have bed bugs in your home, you need Backwoods Pest Control. We use Aprehend to get rid of bed bugs and to provide preventative maintenance for up to three months after the treatment.

Carpenter Ant Control

Carpenter ants will cause a lot of problems for your house if they're allowed to get and stay inside. Although they don't eat wood, they do chew through it to build tunnels and nests for their colonies. Over time, this will weaken the wooden structures in your house.

Backwoods Pest Control offers carpenter ant control to remove the carpenter ants from your home and make sure they don't return.

Rodent Control

If rodents get into your house, they will cause a lot of damage and can also sicken or injure your family. Removing a rodent infestation can be tricky, but the professionals at Backwoods Pest Control know how to do it safely and effectively.

Our rodent control and exclusion services will help get and keep your home rodent-free.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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Backwoods Pest Control offers free, in-person inspections to all of our customers. We believe every customer deserves pest control tailored to their home's unique needs. Once we complete our assessment, we'll design a pest control plan that meets your needs.

gloved hands inspecting a mattress

Backwoods Pest Control offers free, in-person inspections to all of our customers. We believe every customer deserves pest control tailored to their home's unique needs. Once we complete our assessment, we'll design a pest control plan that meets your needs.

Pest Control To Protect Your Home And Family

Protecting your home from pests protects your family from the problems they cause. If you have an active pest problem in your home or want to be proactive about avoiding an infestation, you need Backwoods Pest Control. We provide local, knowledgeable service tailored to your home's specific pest issues. From general pest control to pest-specific services, we do it all with excellence. We care about our customers and will treat your home like our own. Request a free, in-person inspection today.

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