Effective Fly Control Solutions For Commercial Spaces In Spokane: A Comprehensive Guide

Honest, Customized Pest Control for your Spokane Business

Belonging to the order Diptera, flies are common pests that enter businesses in this region—particularly during the warmer spring and summer months. More than 100,000 fly species exist within this order of insects worldwide. Among the most problematic types of flies for Spokane business owners are house flies, fruit flies, and cluster flies.

What can I use to keep flies away? Spokane-area business owners and managers who notice an excessive number of flies on their properties should contact a pest management company to schedule a detailed inspection of the premises. A well-qualified provider of commercial fly control in Spokane will have some solutions for eliminating these unwanted pests from your property.

Spotting Potential Fly Hotspots In Commercial Environments

Where are some of the most common places to find a swarm of flies inside a business? Flies seek areas where they can access food, such as kitchens, cafeterias, or break rooms. Many types of flies are also attracted to areas of moisture, such as sinks, floor drains, or leaky plumbing. Garbage dumpsters should remain several feet away from the exterior of the structure.

The Impact Of Flies On Commercial Spaces: Understanding The Problem

Flies are scavengers that routinely have exposure to pathogens and will contaminate food and surfaces. Some problems associated with flies include cholera, tularemia, and several other health-related concerns.

A well-trained commercial pest control expert is best suited for assisting businesses in the Spokane region struggling with flies. Experienced pros understand how to remove flies from the premises and the best ways to avoid them.

Innovative Techniques For Fly Prevention In Commercial Settings

Are you struggling to determine how to prevent flies in Spokane from entering your property? Businesses in Spokane should consider the following tips:

  • Remind your staff of the importance of keeping exterior doors and windows closed to keep flies out.

  • Apply weatherstripping as needed to fill gaps around the frames of doors or windows.

  • Dog owners should pick up after their pets.

  • All trash containing food scraps should remain in garbage receptacles with functional lids.

These tips are viable options for Spokane-area businesses seeking to limit undesirable flies. Keep in mind that those facing an active infestation involving these flying pests should seek assistance from a professional. A local fly control pro knows how to control flies using safe and efficient methods.

The Benefits Of Professional Fly Control Services For Businesses

Are you seeking answers on commercial pest control in Spokane for your business yourself? Too many business owners and managers mistakenly try do-it-yourself options for handling problems involving unwanted pest intrusions. Unfortunately, these efforts typically amount to only more frustration, as most of these store-bought treatment options prove insufficient. Further, this represents a reactive strategy to a problem you can realistically prevent by choosing an ongoing treatment program such as those available from Backwoods Pest Control—a well-established fly exterminator.

Businesses here in the Spokane area that choose a proactive, regular protection plan from Backwoods Pest Control will receive a truly customized program that reflects your commercial environment. Our commercial service technicians deliver results for businesses operating in various industries. We maintain a pest-free environment for educational facilities, medical centers, restaurants, warehouse and storage sites, and many others. In addition to flies, our pros have years of experience handling rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, and a host of other burdensome pests that will enter a business and quickly begin expanding their presence.

Backwoods Pest Control is a locally-owned service provider that understands the importance of safety. Our team uses organic treatment options when possible that protect the local environment here in Spokane. We invite you to contact our staff today for additional information.